The main obstacle with tuning Harley’s V-Twin Engines is setting the correct AFR for each cylinder Individually- (Remember This)! Even from the factory on a stock Harley, the ECM Maps for each cylinder are set very close t

o one another. The 2 cylinders/heads have separate Fuel Injectors, but share a single throttle body. Even with the best built engine in the world – the front and rear cylinders will always have different Volumetric Efficiencies(VE) based on the vacuum being pulled through the single throttle body. This means the AFR will always be different from the front and the rear cylinders from a stock H-D to a fully performance built Engine.

Ok… So you have a Harley Big Twin with a stock engine and just installed a full exhaust system and a high flow air filter… Do you still need to tune it?

HELL YES! These are the most common upgrades almost all Harley Davidson Owners make to their bike for a “Performance Upgrade”. These common upgrades will always cause the engine to run more lean across the entire fuel map. Leaner= Hotter =Premature failure of engine components with time (Especially in the Southwest)! Do Not Neglect the Most Important Part of the Bike you just Spent So Much Money On! It works hard for you… Makes Sure you ensure its running Correctly!

Carburetor Tuning also Available!


We offer multiple affordable solutions to fit all Harley Davidson Owner’s Tuning Needs! Check out our Store to see all of our options and pricing for any and all of your Harley Davidson Motorcycles! ***Put Link for later(All info will go in the store for that).

List of common upgrades which require a retune every time you change/swap:

-Exhaust – Even if you just remove the baffles or drill them out.

-Air Filter    -Cams    -Top End Rebuilt    -Full Engine Rebuild   -Fuel Injector Cleaning/Throttle Body Replacement

Types of H-D Tuning Devices we tune in house and on-site:

Powervision – ALL
Screaming Eagle Super Tuner/ Race Tuner
Vance & Hines Fuel Pak FP3
TTS MasterTune
Powecommander – PCV/PC3
Dobek Performance, DynaTek, WiseCo, Cobra, FuelPak, ALL TFI Tuners with Dial/Button Controls. – Would recommend getting something Better! But we will still tune If Needed!

-If you bought Something else…. Sell it… Buy Something that works!