Performing work correctly while providing honesty is the building block for any motorcycle technician.  I do not know everything nor am I perfect at what I do, however I am honest, hard working, and strive to continue my knowledge and education every single day.  Having the right tools for each specific job and the knowledge on how to use these tools correctly allows myself and my employees the opportunity to gain our customers trust each and everyday.  I will never tell you that I know everything, but will always try to find the answers to those problematic issues and questions.  I come across new obstacles and tasks consistently, but it is how I approach and complete these tasks that sets the standards for A.M.P Moto Works.  I am available at all hours to help the motorcycle community!  So please come visit all of us at the shop, check things out, and chat!  Motorcycles are my passion and I enjoy meeting new people and customers!  -Colin

*Graduated MMI 2011
*Trained in Import, Domestic, and European Manufactures.
*Attended Master BMW Training Program – 2013.
*DynoJet Certified Dyno Tuner. – Attended Multiple Training Courses 2013-2014.
*Worked for Cross Country Power-Sports – Metuchen, NJ / Dirtball Customs – Mesa, AZ. *Started A.M.P Moto Works early 2014