Harley Service Info:

Harley Davidson Motorcycles has a rich tradition in our lifetime as being the most badass in the industry.  What can I say, they are everywhere you and I go.  Whether you are new to motorcycles or have been riding for years you know the iconic name.

Harley Owners come in all varieties.  From The flashy chromed out accessory couple to the strictly performance based tough guy, we cannot even begin describe them all.  But one thing they all have in common is their bikes always need some TLC when it comes to the mechanical side. You know that big hot piece of metal making noise between your legs?  Come ‘ON Don’t be dirty…. We are talking about your engine.  Proper service of your engine and chassis will prolong the life or your motorcycle.

At AMP Flashy is not our thing.  We are strictly service and performance based when it comes to Harleys.  There are plenty other accessory Razzle Dazzle shops that can sell you some chrome.  Why would we put time into trying to compete with 20 other shops that do the same s***.  When you come to AMP, we are going to handle your bike with care.  We offer all the same service and repair work the Dealers do, but for a fraction of the cost.  Believe us when we tell you that your bike will get far more meticulous attention at AMP than from any dealer.  We are not here to get rich, we are here to build relationships for years to come.  And Yes!   We have Harley Trained Technicians in our shop!


 We offer basic service packages for all Harley Davidson Models.  Whether it be a 5K, 10K, or other.  We offer a variety of affordable options to keep your bike running great.  Any type of repair work is approached with the same meticulous mentality as the services we offer.  If your bike is having an issue, we try and fix it right the first time (but were never perfect).  At AMP we also utilize an in house dyno for Bikes and Trikes.  This enables us to diagnose any type of running conditions you may have much quicker and more accurately.  Many times when any performance products are added (exhaust, cams, air filter, etc) these cause other issues that need to be fixed.  Sometimes it is just a simple fuel remap you may need as well.  See our tuning page for more info!  See our Q&A at the bottom to see if we have the answer you may be seeking for other info!

Harley Tuning

Frequently Asked Questions

So you guys work on Harley’s, do you have all of the needed service information and special tools for my bike?

Of Course!  First off, we utilize all proper service manuals direct form Harley.  This has all the information plus much more for our techs to correctly complete any job.

I just purchased my Harley from the dealer and it is still under manufactures warranty can AMP Moto Works still work on my bike?

We love to get our hands on brand new bikes. We use all OEM(original equipment manufacturer) Harley Parts on new bikes unless otherwise authorized. This means there will be no questions if any warranty/recall issues arise. NO this will NOT void any type of manufactures warranty on your bike. This is a common misconception and is actually illegal for a dealer to tell you otherwise (by federal law). It is true we cannot perform any OEM Manufacture Warranty/Recall work. To get this done for free you must seek a dealer. To better explain:

Warranty and Recall repairs get filed directly through the manufacture. Meaning the dealer files a claim to Harley and they will make a decision whether or not to approve the repairs. Once approved, the work is completed and your bike is returned to you. The manufacture then pays the Dealer for their work. So it is free to you the customer but the dealer and employees get paid. We can easily complete all of the same work but cannot file claims through the manufacture so we have to charge for the parts and labor. We will always check recall warranty info for your bike when it comes through our shop and make you aware of any and all issues that need addressed.


If my bike is in for service can I get it tuned as well?

Yes. We offer packages or discount tuning rates when paired with other service and repair work. Please click on the link to find out more information.

Harley Tuning

So can you guys complete Insurance or aftermarket warranty work?

Yes of Course!  We work with all Insurance and Aftermarket Warranty companies.  We can contact the claims departments and take care of all of the paperwork and repairs for you.  All we need from you is a bike and some info.  Then you just relax, sit back, and wait for the repaired bike or check.  If you need a tow from an accident we are available 24/7.  Keep us on SpeedDial!

I want to drop my bike off for work but I do not have a ride home, can you pick up my bike for me?

Yes we can pick up and deliver your bike from your home, work, or similar.  We charge a $45 pickup charge per bike for work to be completed.  If we bill out 2 or more hours of service work on your bike then we eliminate the pickup charges.  Fuel charges may still apply if you live more than 15 round trip miles from us.  We use a fully enclosed trailer to pick up all bikes.  AMP Moto Works fully insures your bike from the moment we touch your motorcycle to the moment it is back in your possession.

If I have my own parts can I bring them to you for install or for my service?

Yes, We allow our customers to bring in their own parts. If you have them we will install or try to utilize them.  If you bring in your own accessories, handlebars, lights, etc that’s perfect.  Just keep in mind if the parts are wrong we still must bill for our time.  We do not warranty parts we do not sell to you.  Some time it is far easier to let us complete the work start to finish, but if you have any questions just feel free to ask.

Can you get OEM or aftermarket parts for my Harley and other bikes?

Yes we can. If you inquiry us about it we will help you find most parts OEM or Aftermarket. We supply all of the major manufactures parts including Harley, but we only stock Harley Service Parts. Call us for more info, or visit our online store to inquire about any parts.