Our Tuners at AMP Moto Works take pride in staying up to date with all the major EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Tuning Hardware & Software’s on the market today.  We work with many different manufactures and software’s.  Putting in the extra time and effort to learn how to correctly utilize specific software’s for each specific application.  We see the finalized product and know what works and what doesn’t for various applications. 

Getting that extra Horse-Power out of your toy is always a plus!…But also keep in mind that not all Motorcycles and other EFI Vehicles receive a “Power Gain” from a Custom Mapping Tune Session.  In all instances our Tuning at AMP is to ensure the Engine is running the correct Air/Fuel ratio throughout the entire Fueling Map.  This is so your Motorcycle or Other is not only performing at its best, but is also running correctly while you are cruising down the road.  This is very important when installing aftermarket performance products- (Exhaust, High flow Filter, Cams, ETC…).  Most times these upgrades will lean out the Fuel Preparation causing the engine to develop dead spots, lean running conditions, backfiring/popping, and/or other issues which will cause premature wear and failures.  We first work to correct these issues when mapping to get a good running vehicle.  Then focus on getting the best power gains we can out of your specific performance setup!img_1686

At AMP we utilize the new 250ix Power-Sports Dynamometer.  The 250ix is Engineered by DynoJet for precise diagnosis and tuning of any Motorcycle, Trike, CAN AM, ATV, or UTV.  It gives us the most accurate measurement of Horsepower and Torque with proof of results.  The 250ix in designed with an EDDY Current braking system.  This electronic braking system allows us to put various loads on the rear wheel to accurately simulate real riding conditions in a controlled environment.  In conjunction with the Air/Fuel monitoring system, our Dyno gives us real time feedback enabling us to diagnose any running or performance issues while simultaneously monitoring different parameters of the bike.  We run Dynojet’s Winpep 8 Software with Dynoware RT.  The most up to date and accurate software on the market today.  So come take advantage of the precision and accuracy that we can offer you.

We stand behind the results from our Tuning and will be up front and honest about what we complete on your vehicle.

 Unlike any other Dual Drum Dyno in the Southwest we have custom built ours into a one off Trailer.  This enable us to travel to you or any event around AZ and surrounding States.  This is a spectacle to see as we have put a lot of hard work into making this a very customer friendly setup.  Giving you our customer the availability to see what we do when “Tuning” your motorcycle.  Unlike most shops we will give you a certified copy of the improvements made to your machine via email, Facebook, or hard copy.

General Information and tips

These days there are more options than you can imagine to help “Tune” your motorcycle or similar. How do you choose the correct product? First – do not Buy a product from an online store, local shop, or similar that does not tune or is familiar with what the end result needs to be! Most of these places either sell the products that make them the most money, is the easiest to install and setup, or they really do not know any better because they do not understand or deal with utilizing these hardware’s/software’s on a daily basis. We utilize and have come across A lot. We know for the most part what works well, and what works well for specific applications. Many people get talked into the wrong product then end up having to spend more money to get it done right. Don’t fall into the trap and please call with any questions so we can help guide you in the right direction.
We also know what works and is rare to fail. So we sell all our hardware and software’s accordingly. We also offer warranties on all our parts and work we sell, but not if you buy online and bring to us. Buy Local and Build Relationships. We understand it goes both ways and are here to support and serve all of our amazing loyal customers as best as we can

If you purchase any type of tuning hardware that comes with a Wideband O2 Sensor, it is recommended to have tested prior to installation and have its initial calibration recorded (This can also affect the values needed in your initial setup in you Auto Tune Software). This way as time goes on you can periodically check your 02 to ensure it has not gone out of its usable calibration spec. This can cause Auto-Tune Systems to perform poorly. This process happens much quicker if you are running any type of race fuel. We test and retest all of our O2 Sensors prior to any tuning we perform. Ask us for any more info on helping you ensure you are utilizing your hardware correctly.

Plain and Simple – Just do not do it. If your trying to save a few $$ we understand, but take it from us over 50% of the time this ends up costing a lot of our customers more money! We see it a lot where a customer purchases a used Power-commander or similar and wants us to install it (IT WAS PRICED THAT CHEAP FOR A REASON – Think it through). We then install it and come to find out while on the dyno it does not work. This ends up costing install time, diagnosis time, removal time, then re-install time for another new unit after. No shops including us will ever warranty used hardware or parts as well. If something goes wrong, it’s all on the customer as it was your decision. We have seen many common mistakes in purchasing like this and can help so please feel free to get our advice. But we will steer you away from anything used

Simple: Street Tuning: -All Basic Single Map Fuel/Ignition. -Dual on V-Twins.
-90% of all tuning performed is “Street” application.
-Pump Gas
-Basic ECU De-Restrict Re-flash with Fuel Controller Tuning
-2-4 Hour Tuning Session Depending on Application

Race Tuning: -Multiple Fueling Maps – Pump Fuel/Race Fuel/Methane/Nitros/Etc…
-Full ECU Re-flashing with Custom Internal ECU Mapping (Excluding H-D)
-Tuning per Gear/Cylinder/Injector/Etc…

*Many people think when they ask shops to Race Tune there bike they are getting something special like tuned per gear, cylinder, etc. Most to ALL basic application EFI Tuning (Aftermarket Exhaust, Air Filter, EFI Tuner) is just tuned as a “street application tune”. When a custom EFI Fuel Map cost you roughly $150-$400 than this is what you are receiving and this is what the majority of the tuning market offers. In all reality most Shops do not even do more than this and are not capable to. They are there to make $$ just like any business is. Just make sure you ask the right questions to get what you are looking for. But remember if you are truly building a “Race Bike”, to be finalized correctly takes time and the correct equipment. Which in turn does cost some money. This info is not always 100% true and has some different variations but is how most of the industry is.

We see it constantly where people get into building engines, spending high dollars on exhaust systems, cams, etc… This goes for ALL Makes and Models of Bikes. PLAN YOUR BUDGET ACCORDINGLY! Tuning your bike is usually the last step in the process of building your bike. Do Not Short on it! Just because you spent too much building a sweet engine doesn’t mean you should half ass it on the final Tuning, Hardware, and Software. Tuning Built Engines takes some time to perform correctly. So plan accordingly and work that into your budget. You are not just paying for utilization of our specific tuning equipment…. You are also paying for our knowledge and the fact that we know how to utilize the equipment correctly for your specific application as well. This takes years to master and thousands of hours of seat time. We continually update ourselves with new tuning products and techniques in our ever changing industry. We are never perfect but stand behind our results! Just remember if your trying to Save a Buck on that $8k engine you just built you will get what you paid for in the Motorcycle Industry. There are many shops and options out there, and we understand if you find someone to trust more. It’s called business and competition. But if we can help in any way we are just a stop away.

EFI tuning is not the Cure All for a bad running motorcycles or similar. Make sure you have all of your major service items up to date prior to trying to tune! If you try and tune with bad plugs, clogged air filters, intake leaks, Etc, then you will never have a “good running vehicle”. Address these issues first! Here is a basic list of things to check prior to EFI Tuning:
-Spark Plugs, Air Filters, Engine Oil, Valve Adjustment, Pushrod Adjusted Correctly, Intake/Exhaust Air Leaks, New Good Fuel, Fuel Pressure, Cleaned/Tested Fuel Injectors, Etc…

We @ AMP try and be as personable as we can. Just remember we are a small shop and have many customers we are trying to keep Happy! So if we cannot talk right away or need to finalize some work prior to having a conversation with you please allow us to do so. Just like you, another customer is waiting for their vehicle back. We prioritize and get bikes in line as best we can with the time we have to ensure things will be done correctly. It may take more time but we strive for minimal comebacks. We ask for 48-72 Hour Drop-off to Pick up time for any and all Dyno Tuning. We want this done properly and want you happy. To achieve this, we cannot push the envelope for time. This just causes sub-par outcomes. We ensure things will get done and strive to be the best @ what we do.

Frequently asked Questions

I have no tuning device on my bike can you guys get me one and install it?

Of Course!  We have direct accounts with many different tuning hardware and software companies.  We try and put the best priced packages together for all of our customers.  All applications are different.  We can help guide you through the best option for what you are looking to accomplish with your vehicle.  Just give us a shout and we are here to answer any questions.  480-794-1066.

I bought a Powercommander, installed it, and my bike still feels like it not running right? I loaded the correct map into it from online or I was sent a map already installed. What should I do?

Get a Custom Fuel Map Programmed into it Via Dyno Tuning!  This is what we excel at!  Many online companies sell a product like a Powercommander and state its plug and play into your vehicle with their pre-loaded map.  Yes, this is true but far from perfect.  Pre-loaded maps can help or in some cases even make your bike run worse.  Having your EFI Tuning Module Professionally Mapped for you Specific Bike & Performance Setup is the best most efficient way to achieve a better running vehicle with peak performance.

I own or am a part of a Race Team, can you work with us on Dyno Tuning to get ready for races? We need to be on the dyno to ensure we get what we need. Is this an issue?

We work very closely with certain clients in various racing circuits.  We are familiar with many different applications of Tuning and understand when you’re @ an amateur or professional racing level you need to ensure your high dollar bike is tuned and treated properly.  We ensure the highest of privacy when tuning race bikes.  No information leaves what is performed and finalized during a tuning session.  We strive to ensure to our existing and new clients the hard work they put in will not be leaked to the next.  Yes, you can be present during tuning.  We understand everyone has the specific way they setup certain bikes and they only way to get the highest quality results is to work closely with the person who built the bike and requests what they would like.  We are there to lend the best advice we can as well and to operate all equipment.

So I have a full Auto Tune System or I want to get one. Is this a 100% plug and play or does dyno work need done as well?

All Auto Tune Systems are marketed as plug and play.  Yes, they are much better than running absolutely nothing on your vehicle.  Do they make you vehicle run perfect?  Never.  Even if you install a very good Auto Tuning System on your bike or similar it is still recommended to have a professional set up the parameters in the software correctly for your vehicle.  There are also some manual adjustments that usually need to be done as well during this process on the dyno.  An auto tune system once setup correctly works even better than if just plugged in and ran straight out of the box.  Now if you set it up incorrectly than it can make things worse.  These systems work best for street applications.

Do you offer Sponsorships at all if I am racing or looking to race?

Yes, we offer a tiered system Sponsorship depending on certain applications.  Depending on what you are competing in, your level, and where we are always interested in sponsoring riders.  We attend many events so please inquiry with us for more information.

I see your Dyno is Fully Mobile, does that mean you can come to my house and tune?

Yes, but Mostly No.  We are fully mobile, but it is not the easiest process just to pack up and haul the dyno anywhere.  For the most part our mobile aspect is just utilized for events.  We require a minimum of 4 Bikes to Tune to go anywhere remote for a day… Essentially a $1000.00 Minimum.  If you live in a neighborhood it is a no go as our dyno is open pit and very loud.  If you own a race team and have multiple bikes we can always come setup for a weekend to ensure plenty of proper tuning time.  Inquiry within our shop.

ALL H-D Delphi ECU Reflash Tuning - Includes Lifetime Tune License & all Needed Dyno Time. *We build a Custom Map 100% of the time! $500.00 out the door! More tune ability than any other software on the market today! Call for more Info!